Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra @Théâtre Marni

20 Years in 2020 / Premiere

Pierre Bernard - Flutes / Christian Alterhülshorst - Trumpets / Michel Massot - Euphonium, Sousaphone, Trombone / Nicolas Dechene - Guitars / Louis Frères - Bass / Michel Debrulle – Drums, Percussion / Stephan Pougin - Podhran, Tupan, Congas, Derbouka, Drums

20 years in 2020: a new team - a new game!
Since ‘les Racines du Ciel’ (winks at Romain Gary) what an Odyssey (14)!
“(...) this orchestra consisting in seven musicians creates music that is extremely exuberant, generous, free and evidently a lot of care was put into writing it too; it is very imaginative, happy, it is really an orchestra that gives you joy. It is music that surprises you in the good sense of the word, it is open to many influences, which skip from one thing to another in a completely natural way (...)” D. Levallet
On 15 January, it will be a first and an opportunity to discover these two young talents: The trumpet player Christian Altehülshorst and the bass player Louis Frères.


15€ | 11€
Reservations strongly recommended.