RAHONA feat. Manuel Hermia

Concert organized by Les Lundis d´Hortense

Manuel Hermia - tenor sax / Julien Marga - guitar / Joël Rabesolo - guitar / Nicolas Puma - double bass / Lucas Vanderputten - drums

In Malagasy, Rahona means sky. No wonder, then, if this music sounds airy to you. And if the name of the quartet refers to the island of Madagascar, it is because one of its members is from there. Guitarist Joël Rabesolo has brought back in his luggage harmonies with particular sounds that oscillate between indolent folk and delicate afro pop. The quartet, composed of Julien Marga (eg), Nicolas Puma (cb) and Lucas Vanderputten (dm), thus found an original air current which takes us to the heart of an imaginary and peaceful country. During the journey, the pastel colors evolve and merge. Rahona blurs boundaries, explores world music - being careful to avoid clichés - and mixes it with blues and jazz. The virtuosity of the guitarists always remains at the service of the melody. Enhanced by the presence of saxophonist Manu Hermia on certain pieces, the whole takes on even more altitude or, on the contrary, lets itself soar sensually to the liking of improvisations. You will dance languidly, you will swing gently, you will walk in love, you will certainly give yourself up to reverie. In short, you will get a real breath of fresh air.

€ 12 - € 9 JS members, students - € 7 ULB / UCL culture card - € 6 LDH members
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