Pulcinella (FR)

Ferdinand Doumerc - saxophones, flutes, melodica, glockenspiel, Armon keyboard, vocals / Bastien Andrieu - keyboards, vocals / Jean-Marc Serpin - double bass, vocals / Pierre Pollet - drums, vocals

"I won’t do you any insult to remind you that Pulcinella - Polichinelle in French - is a character from the Italian commedia dell’arte, a rough knave who, beneath a rude appearance, often hides more than one trick in his bag.
Playing comedy, the members of this aptly named Toulouse quartet get along wonderfully, staging their compositions like so many funny, whimsical or tender sketches, whose enigmatic, elliptical or suggestive titles will allow everyone to tell their own story. And if the rhythm of the piece is often hectic, we feel that its inspiration is linked as much to Polichinelle’s profundity as to the dreamy melancholy of a lunar Pierrot. Traditional and avant-garde, wild and controlled, precise and crazy, this music achieves a kind of union of opposites, and this is without doubt what makes it appear so alive to us. But shhh, the show will start soon… ” Pascal Rozat, Jazz Magazine

€ 12 full price / € 9 members, students, job seekers.
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