Cancelled - Peter Hertmans & Guillaume Muschalle Duo (BE/FR)

Peter Hertmans (BE) - guitar / Guillaume Muschalle (FR) - guitar

Peter Hertmans and Guillaume Muschalle met through Jacky Walraet, their luthier. Peter, almost sixty years old, and Guillaume, not yet thirty, belong to very different musical generations. One is a child of the ECM generation and the eighties and the other has been lulled by new technologies and social networks. But when it comes to musical mastery and technique on the guitar, all of these differences dissipate immediately and turn into sources of mutual inspiration. Guillaume takes a very personal look at music as well as the guitar in particular, and he has a breathtaking technique. He will be recording his first album (solo) shortly with a few surprise guests, including Peter.

10€ / 8€ (students, members, job seekers). No booking required.