Mohy / Liégeois / Gerstmans Trio

By Les Lundis d’Hortense as part of the Jazz Tour

Pascal Mohy - piano / Sam Gerstmans - double bass / Quentin Liégeois - guitar

CD Release “Session 53”

Friends in life, Pascal Mohy, Sam Gerstmans and Quentin Liégeois never stopped working together on their instruments while listening to the greatest jazz musicians. They have soaked up all of its history. Each month at L’An Vert in Liège, they formalize their jams and organize “Slow session” concerts based on well-chosen standards. This is what they present today.

Everything is going much too fast in this world and we sometimes miss the main thing. Then, the Mohy, Liégeois and Gerstmans trio (piano, guitar and double bass), gently returns to the major themes of bop, hard or cool jazz. They linger on the melody, highlight a few sentences that have gone too quickly in our memories and take a step back to put them back in their context. From there, the trio extrapolates and enriches the subject. It returns to the themes, the sentences and questions their meanings. And we rediscover them. It feels like being part of a group of friends who evoke memories and share buried emotions. Of course, sometimes tension builds up in the conversation and adrenaline rises. In this, Pascal Mohy’s phrasing works wonders, Quentin Liégeois’s riffs sparkle and Sam Gerstmans’ pulse stimulates excitement. The trio never imitates their elders, but reveals the essence of their immortal themes. Here we are, immersed in the heart of fifties jazz that we listen to with a new ear. And it’s exhilarating.

12€ / 9€ (students, members, job seekers) / 7€ (members Les Lundis d’Hortense).
Booking required. If you wish to attend one of our concerts with your bubble, reservations must be made together so that we can arrange the space in the best way. The bubble must be complete in order to access the hall. Wearing a mask is mandatory.