Masterclass and concert by Benjamin Sauzereau

With the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussels

Benjamin sauzereau - guitar / Pierre Bernard - flute / Erik Bogaerts - sax alto / Eric Bribosia - piano, keyboards / Jens Bouttery - drums

Benjamin Sauzereau is a French guitarist and composer living in Belgium. His music generally explores the meeting points of composition, improvisation and arrangement. He has been directing the following groups for a few years: Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, Easy Pieces, Philémon, le chien qui ne voulait pas grandir, or the Sauzereau / Roosens duo. Each project responds to a desire to explore and write for a specific instrumentation, a specific sound and a specific interaction between musicians. As a sideman, he has collaborated with many musicians such as the Granvat collective (minimal music groups Book of Air Fieldtone and Vvolk), Eve Beuvens Heptatomic, the tempo of Hendrik Lasure, the installation and the research project of Jens Bouttery, Jens Maurits Orchestra, Caribbean dance group of Marie Galante, or singer Karim Gharbi. He has also written scores for the cinema and worked with dancers ("We were the future" of Meytal Blanauru).
Former student of KCB, Benjamin comes to share his experience and knowledge with students but also with all music lovers curious to know more.

Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, playing compositions by its guitar player Benjamin Sauzereau, explores the border between written music and the freedom of improvisation.’Virgule’ is the result of Les Chroniques de l’Inutile growing as a septet. This set of pieces, very “song-like”, wild in some moments, surprisingly gentle and peaceful in some others, celebrates the present moment and reminds the importance of punctuation.

Masterclass : 2pm - 5pm
Concert : 6pm

5€ / free entrance for KCB students.