Margaux Vranken Quartet

Margaux Vranken - piano / Tom Bourgeois - sax / Victor Foulon - bass / Jas Kayser (UK) – drums

Margaux Vranken, pianist freshly graduated from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, returns to Brussels to present her new project in quartet with Tom Bourgeois (saxophone, France), Victor Foulon (bass, Belgium) and Jas Kayser (drums, UK). Enriched by her experience in the United States, Margaux offers music influenced by the New York jazz scene, as well as soul and gospel music, while keeping her musical identity and her writing, well anchored in the European jazz heritage. The pianist recently recorded an album at the Bunker Studio in New York with top-notch American musicians. Singers, string quartet, brass section, ... in total, more than 14 musicians have contributed to Margaux Vranken’s music. The album will be available in the fall of 2020.

€ 10 full price / € 8 members, students, job seekers. No reservation.