Julie Campiche Quartet (CH)

CD release

Julie Campiche - harp & FX / Leo Fumagalli - saxophone & FX / Manu Hagmann - double bass & FX / Clemens Kuratle - drums & FX

After 8 years with her group Orioxy which was widely praised by the international press, Julie started her eponymous quartet in 2016. This new project made up of new generation Swiss musicians offers music where the electronic effects of each instrument overlap delicate and powerful atmospheres. An electro-acoustic and refined project which gives pride of place to improvisation!
Julie’s compositions draw their inspiration in particular from the great questions of her generation such as the permanent storage of radioactive waste or the incessant flow of the media. These themes give her music a fragility that is both determined and urgent, as convincing as it is reflexive.


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  • Jazz Station
  • Saturday 22 February 2020 from 18:00 to 20:00