Joachim Caffonnette Quintet

Joachim Caffonnette - piano / Nicolas Kummert - tenor sax / Romain Pilon - guitar / Daniele Cappucci - double bass / Armando Luongo - drums

The quintet of Joachim Caffonnette is one of the major groups of the new Belgian jazz scene. Since 2011, it presents a repertoire entirely born from the pen of its leader and shaped during two seasons of residence on the stage of the Sounds Jazz Club. The five musicians recorded an EP in 2014, followed by a debut album (Simplexity, AZ Productions, 2015) that was widely acclaimed by both the trade press and the public.
By leaving a freedom of speech to his musicians, both literally and musically, Joachim Caffonnette allows his compositions to reach a new dimension sometimes far removed from the idea he had at first, lying on paper. In spite of everything, he remains the guardian of a coherence and a singular melodico-harmonic power which is his trademark. Thus, the band’s music goes uncomplicated and quite naturally from passages written with great precision to fully improvised codas and interludes, to offer the audience a journey full of contrasts through sound and styles. In the era of programmed obsolescence, the Quintet tries to keep an organic and sustainable logic without forgetting an infinite number of mutations. It leaves room for the unpredictable within a homogeneous heterogeneous group ... Unless it is the opposite?

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