"Jazz Portraits" by Jean-Luc Goffinet

Opening photo exhibition

Exhibition from Saturday 18, May to Saturday 28, June 2019

“Jean-Luc Goffinet understands music organically. He has a natural "voice" that he has refined over the years and allows him to capture the fleeting moment when music is created, shared. In doing so, he sets this moment for us to live it again, turning a single moment into eternal pleasure.” (JeanFrançois Prins - guitarist, composer, arranger, producer)
Whatever the shooting scene is, Jean-Luc Goffinet captures the visual and musical moment: visual when it comes to discover David Linx, as draped in a red cloth as a character in a room Racine , or the splendid gradient of colors on Stephan Pougin’s face; musical for the pose inspired by the trumpet player Paolo Fresu who makes the cover of his book.

Free entrance.