Guitar Night

Concert + conference + jam session (guitar only)

This special evening will make it possible to meet fans of electric guitar, amps and Belgian guitar musicians (amateurs and professionals) to talk, play and listen to music. The evening is open to all!
Two guitarists, maker David D’Ascenzo and Jean-Luc Chtioui, maker of Heptode amps in Paris / Orsay, will explain their field of work and their respective skills. Their products, guitars (Denzo) and amps (Heptode), will not only be used during concerts and jams, but will also be testable in a remote location. Some products will be offered for sale with a special discount for this first "Guitar Night". The two godfathers of the evening are Lorenzo Di Maio (Belgium) and Thomas Muramatsu (Japan), both living in Belgium and Jazz guitarists but also Pop rock and Blues!
The doors will open at 18:00, with the ability to test guitars and amps. From 20:15 will follow: two mini Jazz-concerts by Lorenzo and Thomas, a presentation by Jean-Luc: "Tube amps, transistors, modeling", and a second by David D’Ascenzo, on the principles of the luther of his electric guitars. At 22:30 will be held a jam session, performed only by guitarists, solo (or with a looper), duo, trio, or more!

With the support of the company Heptode for its amps and DenzoCustom for its guitars.
Free entrance