Gilad Hekselman Trio (ISR/USA)

"Ask for Chaos"

Gilad Hekselman (ISR/USA) - guitar / Rick Rosato (CA/USA) - upright bass / Jonathan Pinson (USA) - drums

With Ask for Chaos, acclaimed guitarist Gilad Hekselman (who claimed the #1 spot in the Rising Star-Guitar Category in the 2017 DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll) takes a bold new turn, inspired by two new and quite disparate trio configurations. “The album title is not necessarily a description of the music,” he says, “but the environment in which the music was made. In these bands we don’t look for one way to do something, we always look for new ways. We like the instability and chaotic feeling of that. Also, with my becoming a father in 2017, it’s affected my music and life in very intense ways. And of course politically, what’s going on right now is chaotic. Ask for Chaos says that from chaos can come new things, in music and in life. You ask for chaos in order to make progress.”
From the dawn of his career, Hekselman has nourished deep relationships with bandmates and strived to keep his music fresh and unexpected. His long-running work with bassist Joe Martin, from his debut SplitLife to his output with Martin and drummer Marcus Gilmore on Words Unspoken, Hearts Wide Open, This Just In and most recently Homes (2015), revealed a guitarist with the tremendous facility, a rich sound and boundless imagination as a composer. The New York Times hailed him as an artist “who favors clarity of tone and purpose, and who surrounds himself with strong talent.”
This trio and the new project will always consist of world-class musicians striving to push the boundaries to the limit. The trio delivers both an extraordinary skilled but also a mind-blowing performance that leaves the audience with experience for life.

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