Fabian Fiorini "Messe noire"

Fabian Fiorini - piano, compositions / Fredy Massamba - vocals / Fabrizio Cassol - saxophone / Nicolas Fizsman - electric bass
U.F.O String Quartet: Maritsa Ney - violin I / Martin Lauwers - violin II / Marie Ghitta - viola / Marine Horbaczewski - cello

The Night, both the signature event and climax of the festival, crystallises a carte blanche in three times and three spaces. And it is no coincidence that Fabian Fiorini was chosen to orchestrate it all. Talented, chameleon-like, prolific, crazy enough to take up the challenge of setting up three projects as different as they are complementary, the artist uses all 3 concerts to draw a portrait of himself, like a very lively snapshot for the duration of an evening of complicity with the public.
Fabian Fiorini has always been interested in the cross-pollination between contemporary classical music and jazz, in which he considers composition and improvisation as equal components. He regularly composes for theatre, dance and film, but also commissions works for large orchestral ensembles.
At the same time, he constantly expands his knowledge of music from other continents.
At the beginning of the nineties, he was part of the generation that contributed to the indisputable maturity of Belgian jazz at Kaai in Brussels.
This was also the melting pot that later gave birth to Aka Moon, the band he worked with most, both on stage and on albums. Other groups Fabian Fiorini featured in also played a key role in the development of jazz, including the Fiorini-Houben Quartet, Al Funduq, Octurn and MikMâäk.

All will be light at Night 2021.

Produced with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region and Visit Brussels.

Concert organized as part of the River Jazz Festival.

10€ one concert · Pass 25€ 3 concerts
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