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After so many months of scarcity, without being able to introduce you to new projects, it is with great pleasure that the Jazz Station is once again full of album releases of all kinds for the weeks... and months to come ! A quick overview of our winter/spring programming !

Saturday, January 22nd | 18:00 | Darrifourcq / Hermia / Ceccaldi

"Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers"
This Franco-Belgian trio digs the furrow that has made it famous in Europe : the wild energy and the astonishing intensity that the three musicians deploy are always at the service of a particular temporal experience. In their new album, the trio takes another step towards purity. The dynamic potential of the instrumentation is exploited to its maximum ; from the minimalist and noisy bow friction to the sonic hurricane, the trio’s music explores these extreme territories with the same enthusiasm.

Saturday, January 29th | 18:00 | Michel Vrydag "Mapping Roots"

This was the idea at the start of "Mapping Roots" : lively music, open to the world, nourished by improvisation and various musical traditions, a repertoire of compositions bringing together all his influences : mainly jazz and also traditional music from from several continents, rock and even electronic music. He surrounds himself with pianist Bram Weijters and drummer Daniel Jonkers to present amazing and energetic music.

Thursday, February 10th | 20:00 | Manuel Hermia Freetet

Manuel Hermia continues his libertarian adventure with Freetet, a modern quintet that brings together his two longtime friends (Manolo Cabras and Joao Lobo) and a high-flying brass section (Samuel Blaser and Jean-Paul Estiévenart) and explores the question of Freedom through the prism of free jazz.

Saturday, February 19th | 18:00 | Roberto Negro "Papier Ciseau"

In an essentialist musical quest, Roberto Negro invites us to memories of childhood and the adventure of learning. On an unusual and sometimes confusing path, where perception and division of time seem at times uncontrolled, the music that we transport into a universe declined by melodies sometimes playful, sometimes naive and sometimes frankly dizzying and electric. This disc is the result of compositions combining intensity and simplicity with more complex and burning sound worlds, nourished by a lyricism always on the lookout.

Thursday, February 24th | 20:00 | Wajdi Riahi Trio

CD release "Mhamdeya"
Following a proposal from Fresh Sounds New Talent, Wajdi decided to write a new repertoire for the trio. The pieces are both rhythmic, but also melodically and harmonically varied. Each piece tells a personal story of Wajdi’s life, and this honesty shines through from the very first notes. The name of the album, Mhamdeya, refers to his neighborhood in Tunis.

Friday, March 11th | 20:00 | Rembrandt Frerichs Trio

CD release "A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World"
The tracks on "A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World" are based on compositions and themes from different eras and different cultures : a Bach motif, a Chinese folk song, Armenian folklore, so many diverse and varied backgrounds punctuate this rich opus. The listener is quickly captured by the intimacy that emanates from this particular musical universe which never allows itself excess and boastfulness. High class.

Thursday, March 31st | 20:00 | Romain Pilon "Standards" Trio

CD release "Falling Grace"
Considered by Jazz Wise as "a brilliant improviser", guitarist Romain Pilon has established himself over the years as an important figure on the European jazz scene. He is back at the Jazz Station to present his new album devoted to the jazz standards that marked him. To complete the trio, a high-flying rhythm section with the excellent Yoni Zelnik on double bass and a young New Yorker drummer with a growing reputation, Adam Arruda.

Friday, April 15th | 20:30 | Théo Zipper Quintet

CD release "Sauvage"
Theo Zipper’s new album is the fruit of years of exploration as a composer and bassist. The disc retraces an intense process marked by travel, introspection and encounters. Around this music, an international collective revolves around a common vision of music and mutual trust. Lucas Vanderputten on drums, Simon Groppe on piano. We also find the trumpeter and buglist Aristide d’Agostino and the alto saxophonist Abel Jednak. The ’Sauvage’ sessions were recorded in Brussels, mixed at Daniel Romeo’s studio and mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Studio in Brooklyn (Tigran Hamasyan, Kneebody...).
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Friday, April 22nd | 20:30 | Eliott Knuets

February 20, 2020. Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, in residence at Bozar, celebrate their concert with a jam at Bozar Café Victor. A young musician takes up the guitar, supporting the melodic lines of the famous New Yorker trumpeter like no other. The same year, Eliott Knuets, this ultra-gifted guitarist, was honored with the "topkunstenstatuut" for his Collision project and, the following year, he was invited by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra to perform, due to the health crisis, not at the Dizzy’s Club from NY, but streaming on the set’s YouTube channel. Everything is linked very quickly for this talented and promising guitarist who will present his first album to us on April 22nd.
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Saturday, April 23rd | 18:00 | Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra

This atypical orchestra of seven musicians has been offering joyful, unusual, generous, sensual, poetic and pleasantly off-the-wall music for more than twenty years.
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Saturday, May 7th | 18:00 | "ETE" Trio

CD release "The Useful Report"
For twenty years now, the trio formed by Andy Emler (p), Claude Tchamitchian (cb) and Éric Échampard (dr), the beating heart of MégaOctet, has been digging its way alongside the orchestra to create its own sound. Fourth disc of the trio, The Useful Report is a little more written than usual. Why “useful report” ? Because it establishes a state of the world, and starts from the sad observation that it too often places interest before life, superficiality before depth, appearance before being. The whole project of The Useful Report may be held in these words : putting life back at the center.
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Friday, May 20th | 20:30 | Oded Tzur Quartet

ECM Records artist Oded Tzur stands out for his use and development of microtonality on the saxophone. First presented at Trinity College Of Music in London, and more recently at the Juilliard School in New York, this decade-long project is the result of Tzur’s studies with the great Indian bansuri master, Hariprasad Chaurasia. The way the Indian flute moves smoothly from pitch to pitch inspired the saxophonist to go beyond what was deemed possible for his instrument.
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Saturday, May 21th | 18:00 | Or Bareket Quartet

Winner of the 2011 International Society of Bass Players Jazz Competition, Bareket’s lyricism, rhythmic dexterity and groove-centric approach are clearly present in his playing and writing. Having grown up trilingual, he is fascinated by how different languages ​​and cultures intersect and diverge. His creative process stands as an investigation of the spaces between and within languages, synthesizing the different worlds he inhabits into a personal aesthetic that honors them all : his ancestral folklores from North Africa and Latin America, his lifelong study of black American music, and his musical experiences with some of today’s greatest artists across a wide range of musical generations and stylistic orientations ; he has worked with bands led by Leon Parker, Joel Ross, Ari Hoenig, Etienne Charles, Sam Yahel, Camila Meza, Marquis Hill, Aaron Goldberg and Jean-Michel Pilc, to name a few, and played with Joshua Redman, Chris Potter, Hamilton de Hollanda, Jeff Ballard, Billy Hart, Peter Bernstein, Shai Maestro and Sullivan Fortner in different settings.
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