Charlier/Sourisse/Winsberg (BE/FR)

"Tales from Michael"

André Charlier (BE) - drums / Benoît Sourisse (FR) - piano / Louis Winsberg (FR) – guitar

For a trio like this, the fact of meeting around a musician like Michael Brecker is not trivial. At first sight, no saxophonist on the horizon ... But yet, this generation of jazzmen has grown to the sound of the saxophone of this great mad scientist, a real comet in the 80s. He imposed his musical alphabet to a generation of musicians and, to date, has joined the pantheon of Jazz legends.
The American saxophonist Michael Brecker is a sacred composer, a "thinker" of music, a sculptor of sounds, rhythms and harmonies. He disappeared in 2007 but left many recordings of his talent. With the album "Tales from Michael" - Louis, Benoît and André, three personalities of the European jazz, managed to tell, in their way, the "Legends of Michael" while trying to take angles of view different from those of the original versions, so immutable, a priori. The 10 pieces of "Tales from Michael" are compositions of this icon, but also the pianist and composer Don Grolnick, who often accompanied him. What an excellent tribute to Brecker, and what a joy to revive his music! One thing is certain, the magic operates ...

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