Antoine Pierre Cubistic Sessions

#1 Petros Klampanis (GR/USA)

Antoine Pierre - drums / Petros Klampanis - double bass (GR/USA) / Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet / Nicola Andrioli - piano

Imagined by Antoine Pierre, the Cubistic Sessions took place at the Bravo. Since the closure of this club, they have now taken up residence at the Jazz Station. Like a laboratory, the goal is to bring together new foreign personalities at each concert, around Antoine’s compositions. A unique experience in constant evolution! For this first session, we will meet again the talented double bassist Petros Klampanis, accompanied by Jean-Paul Estiévenart and Nicola Andrioli.

10€ / 8€ jobseekers, students, members of the JS.
No reservation needed. We do not accept any credit or debit card.