Aka Moon 30 Years!

Fabrizio Cassol - saxophone / Michel Hatzigeorgiou - bass / Stéphane Galland - drums

In 1992, upon returning from a decisive stay with the Aka Pygmies of the Central African Republic, Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland founded the Aka Moon group. Since then, Aka Moon has been a true benchmark in the world of innovative music, a group that has become a legend in the world of jazz and improvisation in Europe. Polyrhythms, polyphonies, kaleidoscopic and elusive play, a sort of energetic whirlwind for unclassifiable, transcendent and cosmic music: with Aka Moon, the verb “to play” takes on its full meaning. Dangerously communicative pleasure...

Since its begin, the trio has rubbed shoulders with other musicians on long journeys to meet African, Indian, North African, Cuban, Arab, African-American and European cultures. These explorations and these encounters have given birth to more than 20 albums.

In 2022, the essential trio celebrates its 30 years, and takes advantage of this anniversary to turn in clubs. A trio that would not be the same without all the past musical experiences, which has continued to evolve and incorporate new things and trends... and which still prepares other collaborations that you will hear about soon.

€ 15 full price / € 12 members, students, job seekers.
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