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    Jazz history class

    After several years of lessons in the form of portraits of musicians who made the history of Jazz, Jean-Pol Schroeder will return to fundamentals. This year, we offer a course in chronological history of Jazz. A course that starts with the (...)

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    All you want for Christmas is a gift voucher from the JS !

    Christmas is coming... You don’t know what to offer your sister? We have the perfect solution for you: give her a gift voucher for one (or more) concerts at the Jazz Station!

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    New exhibition: "Hate Jazz" by Jorge Gonzalez

    As part of the River Jazz Festival, we organize a new exhibition dedicated to cartoons by Jorge Gonzalez.
    Jorge Gonzalez was born in Argentina but has lived in Spain since he was 24. His black pencil drawings, enhanced by pastel colours, are (...)



The year 2017 was the year of Jazz, without a doubt.
The year of his centenary, first. Brussels has celebrated it as it should, with countless activities, whether in clubs or in larger venues. Nevertheless, some fears remain. Closings more and more small places, yet so important in a city as open minded. Restrictions, even prohibitions, that break any attempt to revitalize and develop culture. Changes in legislation concerning statutes, subsidies, employment subsidies, which plunge artists and places into dangerous precariousness.
The questions that really arise each year are: how do we position ourselves? How to find a balance to ensure the best possible reception for artists, the public, while managing to survive as an institution? How to see in the long term when most of our concerns are confined to the present moment?
Answers, we found some, and we are still looking. They are all based on the same concept, which ultimately unites the three motor entities of culture. Audience, artists, programmers, we are driven by passion. Without it, the arms would be down for a long time. Thanks to her, we continue forward and we are looking for new ideas, which make our trades a perpetual emulation.
Also, thanks to the passion, we can guarantee you a 2018 year in harmony with our values: love of music, respect for musicians, limitless curiosity, open-mindedness, human warmth and democratization of access to culture. These will be the key words of our activities, and it will be the values ​​that will animate the news that we reserve for you!
We wish you a year full of sweetness, surprises, joys and projects. A year cradled by music, and if you still want it, rocked by our music.

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