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    Jazz history class

    After several years of lessons in the form of portraits of musicians who made the history of Jazz, Jean-Pol Schroeder will return to fundamentals. This year, we offer a course in chronological history of Jazz. A course that starts with the (...)

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    You can now offer a gift voucher from the Jazz Station available for one, three or five concerts !

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    New exhibition: "Jazzmen" by Yves Druart




Is Jazz really an "old music"?
Certainly not. Let’s see the incredible Belgian scene, the number of places, schools, students who learn and play this music, jazz knows how to renew itself and touch the new generations. Because of its diversity, but also its very essence: the freedom and the energy released by the improvisation, the pleasure to meet to jam, the possibility to play as well on big scenes as at the bottom of a bar cozy. Many assets that make this music an attraction. The media are not mistaken. Jazz is even called "hype" today. A height ... almost! However, it would be a terrible mistake to think that only young people can bring newness, freshness and dynamism. In music of course, but even more so in jazz! Just have a look at our month of April. Nic Thys, Ewout Pierreux and Nathalie Loriers are all incredible musicians, and know how to bring their experience to the service of renewal. But we also try every season to discover new talents, which affect us and to which we wish to communicate our support and our confidence.
It is important to affirm confidence in youth. And in this way, to give him mutual trust. Giving confidence to a young musician, it is certainly not programming him because he is young. It is knowing if he/she is ready to walk on our stage and enter our very subjective line of programming. If it is not yet the case, knowing how to explain it to him, always with kindness. Beyond our many concerts, the Jazz Station remains a laboratory, and expresses as best as it can its unwavering support for the young jazz scene. Free rehearsals, residencies, recordings, jam sessions, CRB exams, Academies evenings, singing lessons and Jazz History courses: all these keys to continue to flourish and evolve.
The month of April will be the starting point for a special attention paid to some young artists: the Dutch Floris Kappeyne (piano) in April, then Matteo Di Leonardo (guitar) in May, and finally Rebekka Van Bockstal (guitar) and Federico Stocchi (double bass) in June.
Come to discover them and share our enthusiasm!

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