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    Album release of saxophonist Emile Parisien

    Emile Parisien - saxophones / Julien Touéry - piano / Ivan Gelugne – double bass / Julien Loutelier - drums
    CD release "Double screening"
    The quartet of Emile Parisien is certainly one of the most exciting emerging formations of the moment. (...)

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    Jazz-Photo Exhibition “En Hommage à Michel Binstok”

    Michel Binstok was born in Brussels in 1938. From his early age, he was attracted by "jazzy" music and photography. As a teenager, he assiduously frequented Brussels jazz clubs, which he kept in mind nostalgicly. Photography has always been (...)

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The River Jazz Festival is wrapping up its fifth edition, and we are pleased to have been able to make you travel in a jolly "fusion" spirit! But what about this "fusion"? Does this approach embody contemporary jazz? It’s far from obvious. Fusion is the essence of this music, it is the mixture of genres. Throughout its history, jazz has constantly inspired other music, culture and is appropriate to create new musical languages. In the digital age, which allows easier access to all styles of music, blends are multiplied.
Also, we can not separate jazz from the notion of taking risks. It is associated with aesthetic and social revolutions. Jazz has played a fundamental role in the fight against racial and social discrimination and has been an indispensable tool for promoting democracy and intercultural dialogue. This is still the case today, and its values ​​are on Unesco’s Heritage List.
Risk taking and plurality, dialogue and equality. These are words that are important to us because they represent the current jazz, and especially the music we defend. The month of February will be, as every month, a beautiful representation. Three female artists, each in her own style, and projects each more farfetched than the others. We’ll let you discover, if you have not already done so, the wonderful Baa-Box by Leïla Martial, and Kartinka by Cécile Broché. More "classic", but equally fantastic, the quartet of the young singer Kim Versteynen and the trio of the pianist Amaury Faye (whose album was recorded live here!). Four Saturdays, four golden concerts.
The rest of the month is completed by the first concert of the Jazz Station Big Band of 2019, the "Gare au Jazz" evenings, and many highlights dedicated to young artists and their learning. Jam-session of the Francophone Conservatory, masterclass of the Dutch Conservatory, concerts of Academies, Singers Night. So many moments rich and strong to share, in all simplicity, and always in the good mood!
"Jazz talks about life" as Martin Luther King said, and maybe you’ll be convinced after an evening at the Jazz Station!

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