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    All-star bands soon at the Jazz Station!

    The second part of our 2022-2023 season is going to be very hot! Between January and June, we will have the chance to welcome many great international artists!
    Sofia Ribeiro | Friday May 5 | 20:30 Sofia Ribeiro is one of the greatest voices (...)

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    History of Jazz: discover the topics for 2023!

    by Jean-Pol Schroeder and Jacques Onan from the Maison du Jazz in Liège.
    For this 2022-2023 season, Jean-Pol Schroeder continues his portraits of jazz musicians who have marked their era. Something new this season: he will be accompanied by (...)

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    Jam Session every sunday!

    For its eighteenth edition, the Jazz Station is getting a makeover and now welcomes you every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for a wild jam session!
    The principle is simple and old-fashioned, but the formula always works: a nice bunch of musicians take (...)



It’s springtime! The time of transition and rebirth, when, just like every change of season, in a more or less subtle way, the body adapts to new temperatures, variations in light, new colors and scents. You might think it’s time for us to turn everything upside down, the big annual cleaning, the total renewal, WELL NO! Spring, at the Jazz Station, is above all the end of a cycle: that of our cultural seasons. And this one was particularly rich in discoveries, big names, and resplendent projects. So of course, we adapt to weather changes: it’s the moment of emergence (exams from the Conservatoire and the Academies), novelty (two ‘carte blanche’: Ziv Ravitz and Louise Van den Heuvel) and experimentation (Imperial Quartet, Kllap, Potlatch Quintet, Laniakea). But it’s also the ideal time to affirm our increasingly solid foundations: three to four concerts a week, the Brussels Jazz Week-End, conferences on the history of jazz and dozens of other activities which are at the nerve center of our association. We also wanted to celebrate this end of the season in style, with superb names from here (Lorenzo Di Maio, Ana Rocha, Igor Gehenot, Stéphane Galland, Bart Defoort, Diederik Wissels), from elsewhere (Amir Bresler, Larry Grenadier, Walter Smith III, Nitai Hershkovits, Chico Pinheiro, Bill Stewart), great discoveries (Nathan Surquin, Jeroen Reggers, Robinson Khoury) and projects that break all style boundaries (Balkavik, Aleph Quintet, Sofia Ribeiro, Suzanne).
Our programming therefore ends in a superb journey, and you will have three months to sail from South Africa to Switzerland, from Brazil to the Balkans, via Israel, New Orleans and Portugal. The sun is pointing the tip of its nose, so bring your warmth when you visit us!

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