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    Jazz history class

    After several years of lessons in the form of portraits of musicians who made the history of Jazz, Jean-Pol Schroeder will return to fundamentals. This year, we offer a course in chronological history of Jazz. A course that starts with the (...)

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    All you want for Christmas is a gift voucher from the JS !

    Christmas is coming... You don’t know what to offer your sister? We have the perfect solution for you: give her a gift voucher for one (or more) concerts at the Jazz Station!

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    New exhibition: "Le roi invisible" by Gani Jakupi

    As part of the River Jazz Festival, the exhibitions originally planned at the Jazz Station and Espace Senghor were switched. This is how we finally welcome the drawings by Albanian artist Gani Jakupi and Espace Senghor hosts those by Argentinian (...)



Full Winter, New Year. Some flakes, a lot of wind ...

Here we are. The time when you prefer to snuggle on your couch rather than facing the cold. The holidays are over, and most of us have exaggerated. So going out and facing the blizzard... what an idea.

Rich idea, precisely! Because "Winter is coming", obviously, but we are not sure that it remains. Besides, it is also warm and cozy at the Jazz Station. And finally, it would be a shame to miss the excitement of Brussels at the beginning of this year. Three big jazz festivals, for all tastes. Manouche, legendary, mainstream, local, beefy, but always warm.

On the East-Coast side of Brussels, you will have enough to warm up: the Jazz Station is associated for the fourth time with the Marni and Senghor to offer you a solar poster! In opening and closing, the accordion, not least. From Galliano to Florizoone, there is something to savor without getting burned. The loop will be looped without superficial effects, during a trip to the four corners of the jazz world. On the side of our room, focus on some (the choice is always difficult with this instrument) of the best Belgian saxophonists: Steve Houben, Thomas Champagne and Nicolas Kummert will each propose their new creation. As usual, they will be very well supported in their travels, and the pleasure will be at the rendezvous.

Brooklyn has been offering us jazz for a thousand years, and its scene is now transpiring right here. It would be a shame to deprive yourself. Or Bareket has a project as a leader that he will present to us at the end of the month. With his first album, "OB1", the Jedi of the double bass offers a mix of American, South American and Middle Eastern influences. Do not miss it!

Beyond the concerts, January will be for us once again the opportunity to leave a great place for the youth, proposing at the end of the month three days dedicated to the students of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
Other new projects are also coming up, but shhh ... it’s just a little teasing!

So come, go out, and go eat some snow as long as there is!

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