#5 - Guillaume Malempré, June 9th 2020

There we go. After long weeks of lockdown, it’s finally time for the music to be played together again. Playing, creating, experimenting, improvising... together. Because music is above all the meeting of different singular universes to build a unity. Rehearsals and residencies have restarted and the walls of the Jazz Station are vibrating again. While waiting for the expected revival of the concerts, and its share of applause, the smell of Zinnebir, and the delirious crowd, let’s discover how the musicians experienced the (de)confinement in music, by listening to their rehearsals.

For this fifth episode, we asked some questions to the drummer Guillaume Malempré, after his rehearsal on June 9th.

Téo Crommen - guitar
Wajdi Riahi - piano
Boris Schmidt - double bass
Guillaume Malempré - drums

Interview : Charlotte Gillis
Mix & sound : Yannick Carreyn

With the support of Sabam For Culture.
©Jazz Lines - 2020